Corporate Retreats

Plan your next Law Firm Retreat at the Whistler Alpine Chalet.

Consider these 6 important steps when planning your Law Firm Retreat:

1. Commit to a purpose.  Your legal firm invests serious resources to gather its people, therefore it is imperative to have clear goals and objectives when planning their time together.  Create an agenda to support those objectives.  The goals and objectives of Partners and associates will be a strong determining factor when choosing a location for your corporate legal retreat.

2. Be clear on who will attend the law firm retreat. If the purpose of the retreat is to plan a new strategic direction for the firm, partners only would be appropriate.  Should the primary purpose be to encourage socialization and relationship building, the firm may consider inviting associates and spouses.  There has been an upward surge in more firms including clients, recruits and alumni to their Firm Retreats, as well.

3. Choosing a location.  Once you have determined your objectives and developed the agenda, you may then seek an appropriate venue.  The Whistler Alpine Chalet provides a private, quiet, relaxing and professional environment on Alta Lake, a few minutes from the ski resort town of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.  We have 8 elegant ensuite rooms and a private chef and concierge to cater to your firm’s every need while on retreat.

4. Meeting room needs: Let us assist you in setting up  your meeting room requirements,  A/V equipment, food and beverage functions and recreational activities.  At the Whistler Alpine Chalet we have a choice of two styles of meeting room – formal and relaxed.

5. Decide on preferred dates.   We suggest confirming preferred dates with key attendees. Your planning process should begin  six to nine months in advance.

6. Your budget:  Establish a realistic budget in advance and, in addition to booking accommodation at our Chalet, include travel, food, beverage and recreation. Be considerate of the value of the time of the lawyers, they will love you for it!  Consider the fees and expenses of guest speakers as well.

And there you have it – how to prepare your Law Firm Retreat in 6 easy steps!  We look forward to hearing from you and are willing to work with you to arrange the perfect retreat for your law firm!

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